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What is an Iceomaker? Many people familiar with cannabis related products know the name but know little about it. It is often though that it is a difficult process. With the Iceomaker, obtaining hash is no longer the case. The iceomaker is a type of a washing machine, but it uses only cold water. The iceomaker is not only very easy to use but also very cheap to buy.

The manual process is easy to follow and you can enjoy your homemade hash very easily and quickly.

Extra information

Besides the Iceomaker you need the following:
  • Is it essential that the temperature must be below 4 degrees
  • The iceomaker consumes electricity and water
  • Bubble bags
  • the sieve: pressure must be applied through for the wet iceolator to well dry
  • the bag that goes into the Iceomaker
  • 2-3 kilo of ice (per spin) for the iceomaker
  • Buckets or any other large containers. The water can also flow into the sink.
These items are essential and necessary as a basis to complete the process (all these products comes in the starter set). For the process to go smoothly, we also offer a number of other products, which speed up the process or make it easier, such as:
  • the Iceolator dryer which quickly dries the iceolator
  • ice cube machine
  • ice holders
  • microscope 45X to assess the final product well.
Where should you look for before you start?

To make a good hash you must have a good plant material. A weed that you find uncomfortable to smoke, will not suddenly be a super hash. But a weed that you find nice to smoke, will probably give a hash that you love. Of course, people have different tastes, one loves Indica- the kind that often produces a large amount of large crystals. Others prefers Sativa which gives more small crystals.

You will achieve best results if you just use the blade to cut off the tops. The largest leaves are little in THC. The small twigs from the large branches should be removed, as they are sure to damage the bag that goes into the Iceomaker. After you have done the process (see the manual), you have to clean the Iceomaker machine and store it properly in a clean place. This is necessary so that next you can begin straight away and not lose any time. After the extraction is finished, take the bags off and clean the properly.