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Did you know that people throw away thousands of dollars in the Netherlands and around the world? How? By seeing the plant material as a waste and by throwing it away. But here we give you the solution: the Iceomaker.

With the Iceomaker you can get a high quality hashish iceolator product and so you go as economically as possible to the THC that is still on your cutting waste. The Iceolator is the product that you are left with after the extraction process is done and that definitely worths a lot. The process is simple.

Isolator hash

The Icealator is hash that is created using a water/ice extraction process. This type of hash, due to its production, is of a very high quality: the taste and the level of THC  value. The production process is based on the principle that the resin glands that are present on the plant’s leaves outweigh the water. The resin glands occur due to the temperature of the water (because of the ice) and the blades make these resin glands to sink to the bottom. A very fine sieve is at the bottom and the water flows away through it. What remains in the sieve is the Iceolator hashish.