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1.      For making hash you need the Iceamaker. You have to place the Iceamaker on a high surface such as a table or a counter flop. (photo 1)

 Photo 1: put the Iceomaker on a high surface.

Put the filter bags in a bucket or in anything larger depending on the size of the bags or just put the bags in the sink. From the 3 bags set, place the first bag, the 73mc and the 160 mc. Then, place the 220mc bag in the previous two.(photo 3). If you use more bags, always the ones with the smallest holes must be placed below and the ones with larger holes above.

2.      Place the Iceomaker on a high surface, such as a table or a countertop. Fill half of the Iceomaker with ice-cold water and then add 2-3 pounds of ice cubes. Turn on the machine for 2 minutes at setting 1 and then measure the temperature of the water; the water must be below 4 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, add more ice. You must have approximately 800 grams of frozen plant material (it must be kept at least 15 minutes in the freezer) (photo 2) and place it in the bag and close it with the zipper. Then place the bag in the Iceomaker. Turn on the machine for 15 minutes. Now, the separation process starts.

Photo 2. 800 grams of plant material

3.      If the Iceomaker is ready, open the lid and squeeze as much water you can from the zipper bag. Now hang the drain hose in the bucket, tub or sink and let the extraction doing its work. (photo 3).

Photo 3. Allow the water crystals to flow into the extraction bags. Please note that this is an example with only water without iceolator; normally the colour of the water is darker and it may be even foaming.

4.      Hang the hose back on the Iceomaker. After all the water has drained through the bags, you take the waste that is in the first bag. The remaining pockets will keep you under the faucet so that the crystals accumulate in the middle and not crystal residue remains outside of the bags. If you rinse the bags, you will have a better quality of the end product (the Iceolator), even if you reuse the water. Squeeze the remaining water and scrape the empty bags (photo 4). Do this for each bag you use.

Photo 4. The residues in the pockets.

5.      Pass the residuum through the sieve and push through it (photo 5). Ensure to have a suitable container below the sieve (photo 6 ). Then let the Iceolator dry at the room temperature, preferably in dark places. If you want to speed up the process we recommend the Iceolator dryer to you for homemade hash fast drying.

Photo 5. Press the Iceolator into the sieve to prevent moalding.

Photo 6. Provide a suitable container for drying. For the Iceolator to be fresh it is preferably to keep it at the room temperature and in dark places.

6.      Now, the making hash process has been completed, most of the crystals were collected. We recommend repeating the hash making process (without new leaf) until you are satisfied with the result. Follow the steps 3, 4 and 5.
After use, all bags must be immediately rinsed with cold water. If you notice at touching that one of the extraction bag is blocked, you can clean it with a cloth impregnated with 96% alcohol. The Iceomaker must also be cleaned and stored in a clean place.

Tip 1. Always turn the machine on level 1. Otherwise the machines will start harder

Tip 2. Note the odour spread. When the plant material is frozen there is no smell or hardly there is. If you reuse the water, make sure that the water absorbs most of the fragrance.

Tip 3. For best results, we recommend to use only the tops of the material plant. The tops give an even better result, but often self-smoked or sold. If you want to use them, then the tops itself make it fine so the crystals well may fall off during the process.

Tip 4. Make sure nothing can influence the process. We advise you to provide a clean work environment. Contamination of the final products can take place, for example, when the extraction bags are placed on a dirty surface. Then you are going to use them again and rinse the dirt through your product and contaminate it.

Tip 5. Make sure you pull the strings tight of the bag where you put the plant material. Otherwise the bag open and the plant material will be dispersed outside the machine.

It’s so easy to hash making your own ice o lator!!