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Bubble bags

Bubble bags, a necessary item for the best Iceolator!

Bubble bags are the extraction bags. They filter the Iceolator from the water that runs out of the Iceomaker. There are two different sizes: the 5 gallon bag (18,91 l) and the 20 gallon bag (75,71 l). But the customer can order any size made on contract. The bottom of the bags is made from very fine material in different sizes. The bag with the biggest holes is the 220mc; this is the waste bag. All the material that has gone through the sieve bag, will be collected by the 220mc waste bag. The 5 gallon extraction bag has 5 different sizes: 220, 160, 120, 73 and 25mc. The 20 gallon bag has 8 different sizes, 220, 190, 160, 120, 90, 73, 45 en 25mc.

Which bubble bag do I need?

When you have cuttings from a small plantation, you can work with one Iceomaker and use the 5 gallon extraction bag set. When you have a lot more cutting, it is wise to work with 2 or more Iceomakers and then it is recommended that you use the 20 gallon version.

The bubble bags have different sizes of holes in the bottom. Why?

The 220mc extraction bag is the waste bag and the rest of the bags you use for filtering the Iceolator from the water. The more bubble bags you use, next to the standard 220 and 73mc set, the more different qualities you will have. This is because you will get a greater variety of different size crystals. Another advantage is that the water will run through the bags a lot faster!