ICEOLATOR.COM your hash maker shop

If you want to earn easy money with clipping waste, iceolator hash making is for you! Iceolator hash is a type of hash with an extremely high dose of THC. This high quality is created by using the pure THC of the cannabis leaf for the hash.


Making ice o lator hash? Simple from your leaf waste!

Making hash has never been so easy. By the starter set from you have everything to get started. You sort the cannabis leaves and put them in a sieve bag . You dust that again in the Iceomaker together with ice. After 15 minutes you open the tap and let this water with the THC in it run from the Iceomaker (Hashmaker) into the supplied bubble bags . These extraction bags ensure that your hash is filtered out of the water. Then push the hash through the sieve one more time so that it can dry easily. Now you have Ice o lator hash. That’s simple! Iceolator hash is sold in the coffee shop for a minimum of 25 euros per gram. Count out your winnings!