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Article 1 Definitions and general provisions

  1. Iceolator.com: with its registered office in Amsterdam.
  2. Customer: a natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, who has commissioned Iceolator.com to deliver Products.
  3. Products: The most comprehensive understanding of a thing or good provided by Iceolator.com. This certainly includes: all products purchased on one of the websites of Iceolator.com.
  4. The Customer cannot derive any rights from the fact that Iceolator.com may apply these general terms and conditions flexibly.
  5. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and to all agreements of Iceolator.com that relate to the sale of Products.
  6. Any general (purchase) conditions used by the Customer are expressly rejected and are therefore not applicable to agreements entered into with Iceolator.com.
  7. If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions are wholly or partially invalid or should be annulled, the other general terms and conditions will remain fully applicable.
  8. In these general terms and conditions, the word ‘in writing’ can also be regarded as written documents that are sent by electronic means, certainly including e-mail and faxed documents.

Article 2 Offers

  1. With the Products offered on the Iceolator.com website, Product specifications are stated as well as the price of the Product including VAT and any shipping costs.
  2. The Products offered on the Iceolator.com website contain the most accurate and truthful description and/or image of the offered Product.
  3. If the descriptions and/or images as described in Article 2.2 actually turn out differently, Iceolator.com will in no way be liable for compensation to the Customer. The Customer retains at all times his right to his right of withdrawal as described in article 5.1.
  4. Iceolator.com provides the Customer with information about the expected delivery time of the Product, this period is only indicative.

Article 3 Conclusion of an agreement

  1. An agreement is concluded after the Customer has accepted an offer via the Iceolator.com website and has sent the amount due to Iceolator.com.
  2. After the Customer has fulfilled his payment obligations, the Customer will immediately receive a receipt/purchase confirmation from Iceolator.com.
  3. As long as Iceolator.com does not send a receipt/purchase confirmation to the Customer, the Customer can still dissolve the agreement.
  4. Iceolator.com is always free to refuse to accept an offer accepted by a Customer without stating reasons. If the Customer has already paid for Products to Iceolator.com, Iceolator.com must immediately refund this amount to the Customer after refusal.

Article 4 Delivery

  1. Delivery takes place in principle within seven working days, as long as stocks last.
  2. If the ordered Product is not immediately available from stock, Iceolator.com will specify a further delivery time, whereby Iceolator.com will always try to make delivery within thirty (30) days. If this term is exceeded, the Customer is entitled to dissolve the agreement.
  3. Delivery of Products takes place at an address to be determined by the Customer, provided that the delivery address is located in the Netherlands. If the Customer wishes to have a delivery outside the Netherlands, this must be reported to Iceolator.com, the additional shipping costs will be invoiced to the Customer. Iceolator.com is never obliged to send Products to an address outside the Netherlands.

Article 5 Return of Products & Not good, money back

  1. After receipt of ordered Products via Iceolator.com, the Customer has fourteen (14) days to return the ordered Product to Iceolator.com without stating reasons. Iceolator.com will refund the invoice value of the Product to the Customer within thirty (30) days after receipt of the Product.
  2. The Customer cannot return any Products that have already been consumed. Therefore, a Customer can only return Products that are unused and in original packaging
  3. If the Customer uses his right of withdrawal, the shipping costs are for the account of the Customer.
  4. From the moment of receipt of the Products, the Customer must take all appropriate measures to prevent damage to the Product and/or packaging.
  5. If the Customer returns a damaged Product or a Product in damaged packaging to Iceolator.com, Iceolator.com is entitled to settle the repair costs for this damage against the amount to be refunded.
  6. The Customer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal if the ordered Product: has been manufactured to the personal preference of the Customer, is perishable or if the Product falls within the other exception as stated in Article 7:46d paragraph 4 of the Dutch Civil Code.

Article 6 Warranty

  1. Customer must check the delivered Products immediately after receipt. Customer must report any defective Products to Iceolator.com immediately after discovery and at the latest within 48 hours.
  2. If the rights of complaint mentioned in the above articles have not been communicated to Iceolator.com within the periods referred to there, the Products are deemed to have been received in good condition.
  3. Iceolator.com can only provide a guarantee on Products that it can be assumed that they did not meet the requirements to be set upon receipt by the Customer. If a Product shows defects at the hands of the Customer, the Customer is not entitled to repair, replacement or refund of the purchase amount.
  4. If the defects in the Product found by the Customer are found to be well-founded by Iceolator.com, the Customer must allow Iceolator.com a reasonable period of time to properly fulfill the agreement.
  5. Any claims of the Customer on his right of warranty do not suspend other obligations of the Customer arising from the agreement.

Article 7 Liability

  1. Iceolator.com excludes any liability for indirect damage suffered through the use of the Products supplied by Iceolator.com, with the exception of situations where the damage is directly due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Iceolator.com.
  2. The Products supplied by Iceolator.com should only be used by persons who are in healthy physical and mental condition. Iceolator.com cannot accept any liability for medical complaints arising from the use of the products supplied by Iceolator.com. In case of doubt, a Customer must at all times consult a doctor about the use of the Products supplied by Iceolator.com.
  3. If Iceolator.com is held liable in any way, any liability is limited to the invoice amount paid by the Customer.
  4. Direct damage should only be understood to mean:
  • the reasonable costs to determine the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as the determination relates to damage within the meaning of these terms and conditions;
  • any reasonable costs incurred to have the defective performance of Iceolator.com comply with the agreement, insofar as these can be attributed to Iceolator.com;
  • reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, insofar as the Customer demonstrates that these costs have led to limitation of direct damage as referred to in this article.
  1. Iceolator.com is in any case never liable for the following damage items: consequential damage, lost profit, lost savings and damage due to business interruption.
  2. The Customer indemnifies Iceolator.com against claims from third parties, which arise from or are related to the execution of the agreement.

Article 8 Obligations of the Customer

  1. In principle, the Customer must behave in accordance with what is stipulated in these general terms and conditions as well as what is agreed between the representatives of Iceolator.com and the Customer.
  2. Customer must ensure that Iceolator.com has all the correct information in its possession to properly execute the agreement.
  3. Customer must ensure normal use of the Products delivered by Iceolator.com. If the Customer fails to do so, his right to warranty as referred to in Article 6.3 lapses.

Article 9 Force majeure

  1. Iceolator.com is not obliged to fulfill any obligations towards the Customer if he is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not due to his fault, nor under the law, a legal act or generally accepted for his account. comes.
  2. Iceolator.com can suspend the obligations under the agreement during the period that the force majeure continues. If the force majeure lasts longer than a period of thirty (30) days, each of the parties is entitled to dissolve the agreement, without any obligation to compensate the damage suffered by the other party.

Article 10 Retention of title

  1. The Products delivered by Iceolator.com remain the property of Iceolator.com until the Customer has properly fulfilled all obligations under the agreement concluded with Iceolator.com.
  2. In the event that Iceolator.com invokes the retention of title, the agreement concluded in this regard shall be deemed to have been dissolved, without prejudice to Iceolator.com’s right to claim compensation for damage, lost profit and interest.

Article 11 Price & Payment

  1. Payment must be made prior to delivery.
  2. The Customer is free to choose the method of payment as offered on the website, unless another payment option is explicitly offered by representatives of Iceolator.com.
  3. If the Customer wishes that payment takes place cash on delivery, the additional costs involved are for the account of the Customer.
  4. Any inaccuracies in the invoicing by Iceolator.com do not release the Customer from its obligation to pay the amount to be corrected.