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Manual in text:

1. To make hash you need an Iceomaker. Place this Iceomaker on an elevation, such as a table or counter (photo 1).

Photo 1. Place the Iceomaker on a platform

Put the sieve bags in the bucket or barrel depending on the size of the bags or put the bags in the sink. In the 3 bag set, first place the 73mc bag and then the 160mc back in there and then the 220mc bag back in the 160mc (photo 3). When using additional bags, always place the one with the smallest holes below and the one with the larger holes above.

2. Place the Iceomaker on an elevation, such as a table or counter. Fill the Iceomaker halfway with water that is as cold as possible. Then add 2-3 kilos of ice cubes. Set the machine to position 1 for 2 minutes and then measure the temperature of the water, it must be below 4 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, add more ice. Take 800 grams of frozen clipping waste (cutting waste in the freezer for at least 15 minutes) (photo 2) and put it in the sieve bag with a zipper. Place the filled sieve bag in the Iceomaker. Turn the machine on for 15 minutes. Now the separation process will begin.

Photo 2. 800 Grams of cutting waste

3. When the Iceomaker is ready, hang the drain hose in the bucket, barrel or sink and let the extraction bags do their job (photo 3). When all the water has drained, you can use the basket supplied to centrifuge the last of the water from the material. Place the sieve bag in the basket and close the lid, turn the machine to speed 2 for 2 min. To get all the water out of the waste, the waste bag is squeezed out by hand.

Photo 3. Let the water with the crystals run into the extraction bags. Note: this is an example with only water without an iceolator, normally the color of this water is darker. And it can even foam.

4. Hang the hose back on the Iceomaker. After all the water has run through the bags, discard the trash that is in the first bag. Keep the other bags under the tap so that the crystals collect in the middle and no crystal residue remains on the outside of the bags. Rinsing the bags well ensures a better end product (Iceolator), especially when you reuse the water.
Squeeze out the last of the water and scrape out the bags (Photo 4). Do this with every bag you use. You don’t have to scrape the iceolator out every 15 minute round, especially with the 20 gallon bags. This saves time and work. With the 20 gallon bags you can easily do 10-20 turns or even more depending on the amount of iceolator that comes off without emptying the bags.

Photo 4. The residue in the bags.

5. Put the residue in the sieve and press it through (Photo 5). Make sure you have a good collection container (photo 6). Let the Iceolator dry at room temperature, preferably dark. If you want to speed up the process, we recommend the Iceolator dryer to dry your homemade hash quickly.

Photo 5. Press the iceolator through the sieve to prevent mold from forming.

Photo 6. Provide a good container to allow the fresh iceolator to dry properly. Preferably dark and at room temperature.

6. Now that the hash making process is complete, most of the crystals have been collected. We recommend repeating steps 3 to 5 (without new leaf material) until you are satisfied with the result.
After use, all used bags should be rinsed immediately with cold water. If you notice that one of the extraction bags gets clogged, you can clean this bag with a cloth with alcohol 96%. The Iceomaker must also be cleaned on the inside and then stored in a clean place.

Tip 1. Always set the machine to position 1 when processing the material. At position 2, the machine and the sieve bag wear harder. Use position 2 only to spin the last water from the strainer bag.

Tip 2. Watch out for odor dispersion. When plant material is frozen, it will have little or no smell. If you reuse the water, make sure that the water absorbs more odor.

Tip 3. For best results, only use plant material cut from buds. Buds give an even better result, but they are often smoked or sold themselves. If you want to use your own buds, crush it so that the crystals can fall off during the process.

Tip 4. Make sure nothing can interfere with the process. Provide a clean work environment. Contamination of the end product can, for example, take place when the extraction bags are placed on a dirty surface. Then you will use them again and then you rinse the contamination through your product by rinsing it under the tap.

Tip 5. Make sure you tie the strings of the sieve bag well. Otherwise the bag may open and the entire machine will be covered with loose cutting waste.

It’s that easy to make your own ice olator hash!