What is ice olator?
Iceolator is the end product that is left over after the process with the iceolator machine. Iceolator is a high-quality hash product that contains a high-quality THC content due to the extraction process.

What position should the machine be in for optimal use?
At position 1. So turn one turn to the right. If you use position 2 to process the material, the machine and the sieve bag will wear faster. Position 2 is to spin the water from the strainer bag. The bag is then squeezed out to get all the water out.

What is an iceolator machine?
The iceolator machine is suitable for making a high-quality hash product within a short time and with little effort. The Iceomaker is the innovation in this area.

How much cutting waste can you process with the iceolator machine?
With the new innovation in the field of iceolator it is possible to process 800 grams of cutting waste in one go.

With which plug does the iceolator machine come?
The iceolator machine is supplied as standard in the Netherlands with an EU plug, but it is also possible to order a machine with US and UK plugs.

How much ice olator do I have left from 800 grams of cutting waste?
That depends on the cutting waste that is used. A strong strain of weed will also yield a better iceolator and more yield than a low-THC strain. It is also possible to make a very tasty iceolator from a lesser weed harvest. On average, one can assume a 5 percent iceolator yield, if the material is properly selected.

What are bubble bags?
Bubble bags are needed to filter the iceolator out of the water. After the process with the iceolator machine, the water with the small and large crystals is poured into several large bubble bags.

What all do I need to make the iceolator process?

· Temperature gauge, it is essential that the water is below 4 degrees Celsius.
· The iceomaker, it consumes electricity and water.
· Bubble bag
· Sieve, to push the wet iceolator through so that the iceolator dries well.
· Sieve bag, the bag that goes into the Iceomaker machine.
· 2-3 Kilo of ice to put in the Iceomaker.

How many turns can I do with 800 grams of cutting waste?
That depends on the cutting waste. The better the quality of the weed, the better the quality of the clippings and the better the quality of the ice olator. So the more THC there is on the cutting waste, the more turning you can do. The quality does decrease slightly because a little more very small blade comes along and less will come off after each spin, but you can decide for yourself what is still worth it to you. We recommend doing at least 4 turns of good material.

Can I put all the cutting waste in the Iceomaker?
No, the branches must first be removed before the clipping waste is placed in the clipping waste bag before this bag is placed in the machine. The twigs should not damage the bag, so it is advisable to remove any twigs that cannot bend. By choosing the material properly, you ultimately have less work because more iceolator is removed from less material.

How big should the ice blocks that go into the machine be?
It is advisable to use cubes of ice that are not too large as this will affect the life of the machine.

How many ice cubes should I throw into the machine?
It is advisable to use at least 2.3 kilos of ice cubes. If you use larger blocks, make them a lot smaller otherwise you can damage the machine. The amount of ice you should throw in also depends on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the water. You can reuse the water that has gone through the machine and the extraction bags. Keep in mind that the water will then spread more odor, you will also have to rinse the residue that remains in the extraction bags better before you scrape it out.

How old can the plant material be for the Ice o maker?
The fresher, the better! But try not to leave the material for more than 2 days. Once it’s in the freezer, you can keep it as long as you want before using it.

Who are iceolator.com products suitable for?
Iceolator.com focuses only on the small-scale home grower and does not supply to large-scale growers. The assortment of iceolator.com has also been selected for this. For large-scale use, the small size machines that iceolator.com sells will not suffice.