Assessing quality

Assessing the quality of your ice olator

The end product (Ice o lator) can be assessed in several ways. The Cannabis Awards jury uses a microscope that magnifies 300 times to assess the quality of different samples. Although the smell of the water hash can never be as strong as the smell of the weed from which it is made, the smell is very important. The scent should be fresh and soft, but it should never smell of mold or mildew! If the Iceolator turns from brown to gold, sometimes even almost orange or beige, this is a sign of purity. This does not mean that dark water hash is not good quality. There is also an Iceolator that is purple-black of very good quality. The least interesting color is green. This indicates that a lot of plant material has come along! You can use a microscope to test your product. The crystals should be uniform in color with some degree of transparency. The highest quality water hash looks almost like caviar, slightly colored and not very clear. Printed it may look different.

Unfortunately, these are the most ideal situations. Sometimes you see small black or green spots. Black indicates soil contamination so be more careful when cutting. Green spots indicate that pieces of plant material have come along, often the result of working with a shearing machine.

With clean hands you take some dried Iceolator between your thumb and index finger and try to make a worm out of it by pressing it firmly together and rolling it. If a worm quickly forms, you can say that the product contains a lot of oil and is therefore of better quality. If it is difficult to form a worm or if it does not work at all, this often means that the plant material is not fresh or that something has gone wrong with the extraction or drying process. Hold the worm between your fingers and bring a flame to it but don’t let the flame touch the worm. See if it bubbles or burns like incense. When the water hash bubbles, it is a sign of freshness and purity.
But the best test is the smoking itself. The taste is clearly present and so is the effect. Enjoy!