iceo maker
What is an Iceo Maker? Many people who are familiar with cannabis-related products know the name but know little about it themselves. It is often thought that it is a difficult process to make the iceolator hash. With the Iceomaker this is no longer the case! The Iceomaker is a machine that knocks the THC off the leaves with cold water. The Iceomaker is not only very easy to use, but also very affordable to purchase.

With the user manual, the process is easy to follow and you can enjoy your home-made Iceolator hash in no time.

Other Essentials
In addition to the Iceomaker, you will need the following:

  • Thermometer , it is essential that the water is below 4 degrees Celsius.
  • The iceo maker , it consumes electricity and water.
  • bubble bag , the extraction bags with which you strain the water.
  • sieve , to push the wet iceolator through so that the iceolator dries properly.
  • sieve bag , the bag that goes into the Iceomaker machine.
  • 2-3 Kilo of ice (per spin) to put in the Iceomaker.
  • Bucket, trash can or barrel. The water can also be drained directly into the sink drain.

These items are essential and are needed as a base to complete the process properly (all of these products are included in our starter set, except for a trash can or barrel). In addition, we offer a number of other products that speed up or make the process easier, such as;

  • The Iceolator dryer, which quickly dries the iceolator.
  • ice block machine
  • Ice cube holders
  • Microscope 45X, to properly assess the final product.
  • EA

What should you pay attention to before you start?

To make good hash you need good plant material. A weed that you don’t like to smoke won’t suddenly turn into a super masterful hash. But a weed that you do enjoy smoking is likely to produce a hash that you love! Of course people have different tastes, one likes Indica, the strain that often yields a large amount of large crystals. Others prefer Sativas, which give smaller crystals.

You will get the best results if you only use the leaves that have been cut from the tops. The largest leaves contain little THC and try to remove the small twigs as well. Large branches should definitely be removed because they can damage the sieve bag in the front of the Iceomaker. After you have done the process (see manual), you only need to clean the Iceomaker and store it in a clean place. This is necessary so that you can start again the next time. Hang the extraction bags after cleaning them.